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Espreson Is Designing A WordPress Theme

It’s a new venture for Espreson to design a WordPress Theme. Although it’s not finished, but 70% work is done. As I finish up coding and designing this theme will be available at FREE of cost. Now if you want to take a glance of this theme. Here is.


This theme will be optimized for advertisement as well as blog content visibility & readability.

So, wait till it get released.

  • Great layout. I am interested in what will go in the dark gray spaces. May I recommend designing custom calendar icons. Please feel free to submit your finished work to my site for inclusion. Have a great Holiday Season.

  • Thanks Renny!
    Espreson theme will be soon available…

  • Looks very impressive – your such a great blog template artist!

    Wishing you A Wonderful Yuletide and God Jul as we say it in Norway 🙂