Is Blog Marketing with SocialSpark a Successful Way?

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Is Blog Marketing with SocialSpark a Successful Way?

SocialSpark launched few month back with big bang, where advertiser meet publisher (I mean blogger) in a social platform, and advertising campaigns are run across blogs.

Today Blog is a proven and effective platform of showcasing products and services, but displaying or promoting product and service in between content is more effective than hanging banner. Because a sponsored post as like regular post, gets notified by search engines as well as social bookmarking(upon submission) site easily.

Although in SocialSpark every sponsored posts are search engine friendly, because every paid link follow no-follow tag. This might turn-off advertiser of not getting indexed by search engine for that sponsored link, but the advertiser got an effective buzz through the blog post. In contrast, sponsored post acts like word-of-mouth advertising, and we know effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. A well established blog gets notified by good number of readers. That’s a big positive advantage of blog.

So, the question “Is Blog Marketing with SocialSpark a Successful Way?”

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This question can easily be answered with some points.

SocialSpark is a socially powered (backed by blogger) marketing channel, where its competitor ReviewMe, Blogitive, Smorty, etc. lacking that power. That’s the biggest advantage for SocialSpark to attract more advertiser into their channel. An advertiser can more actively engage with blogger with lots of tools available in SocialSpark, which I think is the biggest advantage for every advertiser. More option means more attraction.

*this is sponsored post

  • Very Informative stuff.

  • Great Writing Style MAn…

    Keep it up..

  • Interesting topic … does the other works a great? I think we must not get in paid blogging for all times…

    This will take us to a wrong way…

    and before submitting for a bid or opportunity we must go through the service/ product in details… otherwise it will be a kind of fraud to our daily members…

    And we must keep in mind very clearly that our visitors wants something from us..

    what do u think ESPRESON