5 Fresh Twitter Tools

Here is a list with few details of “5 Newly Launched Twitter Tools”:



twitTangle is a free Twitter tool which allows you to sort out friends who are found to be important based on your rating and tagging mechanism.



Tweetwaster is a cool app which shows how much time do you spend on Twitter. It shows results like this:

has 286 total tweets and assuming they spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet they’ve spent 8,580 Seconds or 143 Minutes or 2.38 Hours or 0.1 Days using Twitter!
Hmmm. Only 2.38 hours. Are you this boring in real life?


2tweet gives you freedom to tweet multiple photos and videos directly from your email.


Based on automatic tagging system Tweetag displays tag cloud of most frequent discussed topics on Twitter.



Twitblogs is a kind of Twitter application which helps you to say more out of 140 words  the limitation imposed by Twitter.


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