In the year 2001 when I was pursuing my Computer Science degree, that time I went to Dandeli for a wildlife safari. Sudden planning with two friends has ended with adventurous reach to the destination. Breathtaking gorges of Kali River, valleys and lush greenery, and staying at Jungle Lodges & Resorts made our Dandeli trip an ever never unforgettable moment. It was a great adventurous experience of being close to nature.

So, it was our story. Now, if you want to write your own breathtaking story of an adventurous trip then, you could plan to Mt. Kilimanjaro trek. So, how to be there? But, before planning, you must have detailed information about the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro – “Kilima” means “mountain” and “Jaro” means “caravans”. It is a dormant volcano in Tanzania, Africa with its three volcanic cones “Kibo”, “Mawenzi”, and “Shira”. The first eruption from its Shira cone erupted 2.5 million years ago. Get more exciting stories by diving your search on Google or else get acquainted more about Mount Kilimanjaro from Wikipedia.

Now, let’s dive into Kilimanjaro trekking details and for adventure shots, you may visit Mojhi’s dedicated Facebook page. So, after gathering the information, hope! you are now excited to plan for your Kilimanjaro trip. Then, is here to guide you with all details from start to finish.

First, you have to choose which route does fit you for climbing Kilimanjaro. There is five route to choose with different time span takes to reach the destination.

  • MARANGU – takes 5 to 6  days. This route is easier and cheaper,
  • MACHAME – takes 6 to 7  days. This route is most scenic and popular,
  • LEMOSHO – takes 6 to 8 days. This route is also scenic but Quieter,
  • RONGAI – The quieter, easier and remote adventurous journey that takes 6 to 7 days,
  • And the last one is UMBWE – the most challenging route for your trek with success rate ranges 50% to 60%

Confused! lets decide for you.

Second, you have to choose your group size for this Kilimanjaro trek.

Third, when are you planning to go there?

Fourth, leave you contact details to Mojhi.

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Why Mojhi?

Before choosing any operator you must read its feedback by the previous trekker. In this regard, received 4.9 overall satisfaction rating. You may read reviews for your satisfaction.