Gmail the Greener Email Solution for All

Gmail the Greener Email Solution for All

Google’s Gmail fact:

Using Gmail is more energy-efficient than using email hosted on local servers.

Because Gmail is hosted in the cloud. The annual carbon footprint of a Gmail user can be 80 times smaller than that of an email user at a business using locally-hosted email servers.


Google is becoming more greener day by day. Today if you add their renewable energy and offsets, their footprint is zero. But, this scenario was worst before offsetting their carbon footprint. Google’s 2010 electricity consumption was 2,259,998 MWh.

Google is minimizing their power consumption by designing and building some most energy-efficient servers and data centers that using half the electricity of a typical data center.

How Google becoming more greener?

  • Mountain View campus has 1.6 MW of solar panels produce 3 million kWh of clean energy.
  • From the solar panels roofs to bike-to-work program, these initiatives eliminate the equivalent of more than 10,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.
  • Google invested more than $780 million in the renewable energy sector, including investments in promising renewable energy projects capable of generating 1.7 GW of power and electricity equivalent to that used by 350,000 homes, beside having in-house renewable energy supply.

So, this are the facts and figure regarding Google’s Green movement. We will update more information regarding green computing, cloud and Google in our upcoming articles.


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