Go Green Recycle your Cell Phone and get Paid

Today most of the people have cell phone in their pocket. We usually change our cell phone with new one easily, but sometime selling existing phone at handsome money is a headache we bear today, because we had that old phone spending good money on it.

My scenario…

I own a Nokia cell phone cost of $125 of 3’years old, did not find any buyer for that. I don’t have time to go after shop-to-shop to sell it. I want to sell my cell phone, then how? Is there any buyer to whom I can sell it?

The above scenario could be yours. Then, you can opt for a solution at – USA’s no. 1 cell phone recycling price comparison website.

The Greener solution to recycle your phone and get cash of it…

  • Using’s search box to find your cell phone make is eligible to be sold.
  • Get a list of all the top phone recycle companies and their price offering for your old cell phone.
  • Select your recycle company and follow their instructions to mail your phone to them.
  • You get paid when the recycling company receives and verifies your phone.
Scenario: Recycle Apple iPhone 4 16GB Cell Phone at

That is the simple way to Find it -> Select it -> Ship it -> Get paid -> Go Greener way to recycle your cell phone.

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