Make Commercial for Go Daddy Win upto $100000 Cash and more

Go Daddy is crazy right now, running a contest.  The company is on the way to air their next TV Commercial Ad and for that, they go out to hunt commercial video made by you and me. It’s a biggest chance to become rich by just making a video for a No.1 domain registrar in the world. If you win you will bag $100,000 hard cash. Go Daddy has thrown away the lucky coin. Now it is up to you to show the creativity to make a catchy hot commercial for them.

Details about the contest:-

  • Create a 15 – 30 seconds long Go Daddy commercial,
  • Upload video to YouTube (conforming YouTube’s terms of service & Go Daddy’s official contest rules),
  • Submit your video.

Two sets of judges will judge your video on following parameters:

  • Overall Concept (30%)
  • Brand Fit (30%)
  • Script (20%)
  • Production (20%)


Based on the above parameters the following prizes will be distributed:

  • Grand Prize: $100,000 CASH
  • 2nd Prize: $50,000 CASH
  • 3rd Prize: $25,000 CASH

Apart from the above three big cash prize additional community prizes will be given away which are as follows:
Community Favorite ($5,799 value): for highest rated video at the end of the promotion period,

2nd and 3rd Community Favorites, plus Most Shared ($1,279 value):

Six Runners-Up ($99 value): 4th to 9th place highest rated videos

See the official rules.


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