Switch Your Belongings With Other With SwitchPlanet

Just look at this conversation between two friend over chatting room,

Mac: Do you have PC game Max-Payne-2?

Dash: Yeah! I have.

Dash: Mac, do you have Hit-Man-2?

Mac: Yeah! I had bought it 2 years back; and I have played it several time and bored of it.

Dash: I have not played Hit-Man-2, but I have heard it’s a fantastic game.

Mac: Yeah! it’s a fantastic; are you interested to play that game?

Dash: Yeah!

Mac: Ok, I will send it to you, but don’t forget to send your Max-Payne-2.

Dash: Thanks a lot Mac for this great exchange.

What you got in this conversation? It is a classic example of Exchange of belongings; and we usually engage in this type of product exchange. Recently I have came across to SwitchPlanet.com. At SwitchPlanet.com, they have widened this unique concept. Here you can exchange your used belongings like, DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Books with people whom you never met. That means you got a wide network of like minded people who want to exchange their DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Books with you. So, to get into this people powered switch system you have to create a FREE account at SwitchPlanet. Here the transaction take place not in terms of dollar but in terms of Switchbucs. Switchbucs is the internal currency used in SwitchPlanet to facilitate the switches. You make Switchbucks when you send something you have to another member and you spend Switchbucks when you request something from other member. SwitchPlanet not only has included social tools like, friends, groups and forums to make the trading more co-operative but also has introduced SwitchFunds program, where its member can support various charities too. So, you can take ride of this, Use more…waste less! concept by SwitchPlanet.com.


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