What is Narak Chaturdashi? and its Significance in Hindu Festival

Naraka Chaturdashi

What is Narak Chaturdashi?

Narak Chaturdashi – is the second day of Diwali festival. This day has different naming conventions as Kali Choudas or Kali Chaturdashi or Roop Chaturdashi.

Narak – means Narakasura &

Chaturdashi – means 14th day of Kartik month

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On this day the demon or asura  – Narakasura was killed by Krishna with the help of Kali – Goddess of the dark. To celebrate the abolition of the demon, Goddess Kali is worshipped around India and devotees lighten their home with Diya’s – that is usually made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or vegetable oils.

It’s significance in Hindu festival

Abolition of evil or demon or asura which create hell in our life and shine a light on life.

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