As we all know that WordPress is a semantic personal publishing platform. Through this platform we are sharing our thoughts, idea etc. Wordpress is versatile in nature. We can add more on WordPress. It can be Adsense as an advertisement or Flickr as picture slider with the help of plugin. But WordPress offers two type of publishing platform one is hosted and another is non-hosted. Both platform are free but there are lots of limitations. Like, you can not add theme as per your choice in non-hosted platform. But in your own hosted platform you can add themes as per your choice.

Our concern is on Themes. To adorn our blog we need a good looking customizable theme. A theme can be 2 columnar or 3 columnar. If we are looking for wordpress themes 3 columns then ZenPhotoThemes has developed a 3 column theme. This 3 columnar is been authored by Omer Cakarca comes with four color variety but with same layout. They are PurpleCrunch(this layout is blended with purple color), BlueCrunch (blended with blue color), GreenCrunch and BlackCrunch. Although this four layout comes FREE of cost but can not be used for commercial use that means not sellable.

This is a paid post


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