Twitter is a much spread social media tool after blog. Marketers are trapping this growing social media to convey their messages. They are finding various opportunity through Twitter. As a twitterer you can make sound amount of money. Basically all twitter money making sites connects Advertiser and Twitterers either through sponsored tweets or background ad serving methodology. In return advertisers gets buzz and Twitterers get paid to convey their message. But, remember there are many programs that can let you to make money out of it, but never fell in some catch. Twitter can caught you as spammers soon, because it hates spammers a lot. Always adhere to the Twitter rules, unless one day you will find yourself under account suspension. Here I’m featuring few resources which help you make money out of it while adhering to Twitter policy.

Sponsored Tweets

SponsoredTweets a sponsored tweet platform by IZEA. Basically, this site allows advertisers to create sponsored tweets by connecting with Tweeters through a dynamic marketplace. Advertisers pay people to start a conversation with control over delivery and full disclosure required. Tweeters have the freedom to choose what twitter advertisers they work with and the messages they tweet. (as per SponsoredTweets).


Magpie a Twitter advertising network which connects advertisers message to Twitterers timeline. Here is a brief description just directly from Magpie FAQ section: Magpie is an ad network for Twitter. Our customers sign up and create campaigns, which consist of magpie-tweets (i.e. ads). Twitterers get paid to allow us to post magpie tweets among their tweets.

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TwittAd connects Twitterers and advertiser in different fashion. Twittad offers 2 ways for you to  monetize your profile on Twitter through background ad serves and tweet promos.

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TweetROI is another money making Twitter program which pays you to tweet advertisers promotional message. From the own voice of TweetROI: TweetROI unites influencers with marketers and protects the authentic personality that makes Twitter great. Twitterers recommend, in their own words, stuff they like. Marketers and PR professionals get valuable, previously unavailable Social Media exposure.

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