Buying a car is a euphoric experience, whether you are an auto enthusiast or not. But there are advantages of buying a used car over a new one. First and foremost, it comes at a highly discounted price tag. A few second-hand cars are available for a steal of a deal. Some of them are driven less than a few thousand kilometres. These are some reasons that make it a top-choice, whether you are a first-timer or love to drive new vehicles without emptying your bank account. There’s a used car for every budget.

But buying a second-hand car does not exempt you from having car insurance. Every car owner is mandatorily required to have an insurance cover as per the Motor Vehicles Act. The norm specifies that a third-party liability covers as the minimum requirement, but you can opt for a comprehensive cover too. Third-party insurance has limited protection in terms of the coverage. It only insures damage or loss of the property or injury to human life of a third person. It does not include damage or loss to either the owner or its vehicle. Thus a comprehensive insurance plan is the one that offers broader coverage.

While you can buy these different types of car insurance online, let us look at the top five reasons why you should opt for an insurance cover for your used car –


Any calamity, whether natural or man-made, can have an impact on human life. Your comprehensive insurance cover protects your car against damage caused due to floods, earthquakes, storms, terrorism, vandalism, explosions and more. These calamities sometimes have devastating effects. At such times, an insurance policy is a handy cover to avoid financial distress.


A car insurance policy assures financial safety in case of theft of your car. The insurer pays the Insured Declared Value or IDV. Thus, setting the right IDV is important when availing an insurance plan.

Damages and Repairs

Comprehensive car insurance policies have add-on facilities. Under such add-ons, you can avail an engine protection or consumables add-on that compensates for the loss in case of any vital spare. Since the engine is the heart of your vehicle, an engine protector add-on is recommended while buying a second-hand car insurance policy.


A car insurance policy compensates the owner in case of an accident. It ensures not only financial assistance for car repairs but also the owner and even the third party in case of a comprehensive cover. The same is restricted to other persons damage to property and life under a third party car insurance plan.

Transit of your Vehicle

There are times when you transport your car, and on reaching the destination, you notice scuff marks. A comprehensive policy ensures that your insurer covers damages caused during transit via air, rail, waterway, road, elevator and lifts.

While these are some of the top reasons that make it crucial to insure your car. Insurance will go a long way in offering peace of mind. Remember to opt for a Comprehensive plan to enjoy a host of features on your car insurance renewal.