We’ve finally reached that phase in smartphone technology where the majority of people who want a spectacular smartphone already own one. Apple and Samsung have both seen sales plateau over the past year, and now the smartphone spotlight has shifted to another direction:
accessories. Accessories are booming these days, and not just from the leading smartphone producers. Now more than ever, you can outfit your phone with the latest and greatest to get the most of out of your technology.
And if you just got the hottest new phone? Nothing looks better on a brand-new phone than fun, innovative accessories. Here’s our pick for top 7 smartphone accessories this year:

  1. Phone Case
    A good phone case can protect your phone from accidental drops, spills and other mishaps that might otherwise jeopardize your investment. But these days, cases offer more than protection. Some cases allow you to incorporate a high-quality lens that boosts your smartphone camera into professional territory. Apple even makes a slim silicone iPhone case that has a built-in battery pack —the perfect accessory for frequent travelers or anyone who just wants a little extra juice if they need it.
  2. Portable Battery
    Speaking of battery life: we’ve all been there. It’s an important night and you suddenly realize your phone is at 2 percent—and you’re out at dinner, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now, if you had a portable battery pack, you could charge your phone without leaving the restaurant. These charging accessories come in all shapes, sizes and charging speeds, so you can choose the kind that works best for your needs.
  3. Wireless Charger
    Goodbye, charger cables. Even though Apple’s AirPower never made it to the sales floor, there are plenty of other wireless chargers available to modern smartphone users that benefit both Android and iOS users. Many higher-end wireless chargers even support 10W fast-charging technology, so you can drop your phone on a mat and pick it up, recharged, in no time at all.
  4. Camera Lens
    Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or an Instagram husband, adding a removable camera lens to your smartphone’s already-impressive camera can drastically improve the quality of your everyday photos. You can find one that clips onto your phone, or one that fits right into your case, but regardless, you can definitely forget about lugging that heavy DSLR on every trip.
  5. Wireless Earbuds
    Okay, so wireless headphones are, by now, a basic human right. But what about the next level of earbuds? Inspired by Airpods, you can now find these tiny technological marvels from a number of brands, and you can even score a better deal on them than Apple could ever offer. Music to your ears.
  6. Phone Grip
    Ever drop your phone while taking a selfie? You won’t want to risk dropping – and potentially damaging – that thousand-dollar piece of smartphone, whether you’re doing something simple like taking a photo or even talking on the phone. That’s where phone grips come in. You’ve got a lot of options that won’t break the bank or destroy the aesthetic of your phone: PopSockets have a huge selection of fun designs, or phone rings add a little bit of jewelry to your phone or phone case. You can even find a case that has a built-in grip, like a Loopy case.
    (Or you can always just hold on tight. But don’t say you weren’t warned.)
  7. Selfie Stick
    They’ve been banned from museums and popular tourist areas across the globe, but there’s still no replacement for a sturdy, telescoping selfie stick to capture all your life adventures. But as phone sizes continue to increase, just make sure you find one that fits your new smartphone.