Buying a new bike is an exciting experience. Whether it is your first bike in your early twenties or your brand new sports bike; the enthusiasm does not fade one bit. But buying a motorcycle comes with its share of responsibilities. Compliance to regulatory norms is essential. It includes getting an appropriate registration document along with insurance. Where a pollution certificate is a mandatory document, new vehicles are exempt for the first year of its registration. While most people regard a motor insurance policy as a document to save from legal hassles, it is in fact, for the safety of yourself and your bike.

So it is important to be familiar with the various terms and conditions of your policy document. Buying two wheeler insurance online, the inclusions and exclusions of your bike insurance will make the process of filing a claim a breeze. Let us look at the critical facets about inclusions and exclusion of your insurance plan –

1. Type of policy determines the Inclusions

There are two types of insurance coverages – third party and comprehensive cover. Third-party insurance for bikehas a narrow scope. It offers financial protection in case of damages to the other person in case of an accident, i.e. the liability is restricted. On the other hand, a comprehensive cover has broader purview. It offers protection to the third party, including the one suffered by you. This broadens the insurance cover in case of comprehensive bike insurance.

2. Comprehensive Plan covers Calamities

In this unpredictable world, there might be a time when a natural disaster like floods, earthquakes, lightning and more cause damage and destruction to human life and property. Your bikes are no exception to them and may cause a financial burden for repairs in such cases. A comprehensive insurance policy includes coverage from these calamities, whether natural or human-induced like explosions, riots, terrorism and more.

One added benefit of comprehensive bike insurance is any damages during transit to the bike whether, by rail, road, air or water are also included in the scope of the policy.

3. Coverage for Theft

Comprehensive bike insurance plans have coverage for protection against theft. In case your vehicle is stolen, the insurer pays the insured declared value to the policyholder. The insured declared value of your vehicle is the maximum amount which the insurance company pays to the holder of the insurance policy.

4. Personal Accident Cover

A motor insurance policy has accident coverage as a feature of the plan. It compensates the insured in case of death or disability due to an accident while riding your bike.

5. Limitation of coverage for Third Party

IRDA has laid down a limitation for the coverage under third party insurance for bike. Third-party liability for damages to people is covered without any limit, but the damage to property is capped at Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

6. Similar Exclusions list

When buying two-wheeler insurance online,you must look at the inclusions list, but it is more important to read through exclusions carefully. Exclusions are those events that are not covered by your insurance plan. Most bike insurance plans have more or less the same exclusions like driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without appropriate registration documents and driving license and more. Being aware of them will help you while initiating claims.

7. Lapsed Policy, No Coverage

Every motor insurance policy has a fixed tenure. One needs to renew their motor insurance before the expiry to enjoy the continued benefits of their insurance plan. To avoid the hassle of visiting the insurer, you can opt for two wheeler insurance onlineby visiting the insurer’s website.

Being informed of the above inclusions and exclusions aids in filing a claim. Remember to check for all the necessary inclusions in your insurance plan while not forgetting to read the exclusions too.