Winter season can be a lot of fun for riders. While your bike makes your trip adventurous and thrilling, it needs proper maintenance so that you avoid any possible accidents and your rides become smoother. So, here are seven simple tips for maintaining your motorcycle this winter season.

1. Get your bike regularly serviced

While most of you enjoy riding your bike, when it comes to servicing, you might forget it, ignore it or keep delaying it till the last possible minute. This is a mistake. Get your bike serviced before the winter season for precautionary measures related to winter-specific issues. To maintain your bike’s longevity and also to make it more fuel-efficient, regular servicing of the bike is required. Servicing takes care of any minor or major issues in the bike’s mechanism so that you don’t face accidents and your bike runs smoothly. So, don’t ignore servicing your bike regularly.

2. Use branded lubricants and fluids

Spurious fuel, engine oil or lubricants used for your bike do more harm than good. Never use such items as they hamper your bike’s engine and weaken it. Always choose branded products for the bike’s fuel tank as well as engine. Though they are a bit pricey, the benefits they provide outweigh the extra cost and also increase your bike’s performance.

3. Keep your bike clean

Winter might stop you from using your bike frequently but that doesn’t mean you stop cleaning it. Dirt and grime often cling to your bike’s surface and hamper its appearance. They also get inside the engine and other working parts of the bike and damage them. Regular cleaning of the bike is, therefore, essential.

4. Maintain the tire health

Many cases of bike accidents happen because the tires burst or for some other tire related faults. Roads can be moist and wet during winters due to snowfall, make sure that your bike’s tires have a firm grip. That is why it is very important to maintain the tires of the bike. You should get your bike’s tires regularly checked for possible punctures. Moreover, the tire pressure should also be checked on a regular basis to avoid high pressure or low pressure and to maintain the ideal tire pressure so that the bike can be driven smoothly and risk-free.

5. Carry a multi-tool kit at all times

Small mechanical problems can crop up any time and when they do, they render the bike unusable. For example, cold winters might cause technical issues related to fluids. When you are heading out on a trip or a long drive, it is always advised to carry a multi-tool kit for the bike. The kit should have wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, nuts of all sizes, etc.

6. Invest in a comprehensive bike insurance policy

A bike insurance policy is mandatory for your bike. But, when you buy two-wheeler insurance, don’t choose only a third-party cover for the bike. Invest in a comprehensive policy which would also cover the damages suffered by your bike. A comprehensive plan would cover the repair costs which incur if your bike is damaged by any natural or man-made cause and would, therefore, help you maintain your bike perfectly.

7. Opt for add-ons in the bike insurance plan

A comprehensive coverage might not prove enough to maintain your bike perfectly in severe emergencies. You should also opt for add-ons when you buy two-wheeler insurance policies. For example, opt for Engine Protection Add-on during the winter season. Add-ons increase the scope of coverage available in bike insurance plans and give you a higher claim. So, choose add-ons with two-wheeler insurance online for an all-inclusive coverage on your bike.

These tips would help you maintain your bike this winter. While the tips are simple, don’t forget to buy two wheeler insurance online. The policy is mandatory, and when you choose a comprehensive coverage with add-ons, you protect your bike against possible contingencies and can maintain it for a longer period.