Facing our increasing reliance on the Internet, securing your devices has never been more important. The development of future technologies like AI and IoT has enabled cyber attackers to create more sophisticated versions of malware and viruses.

Today, having an antivirus isn’t the flawless solution against modern malware, as was the case a few years back. This is because of the sophistication of the cyberattacks criminals use today, which include:


Ransomware attacks have fast become a popular and effective cyber-attack method among hackers in 2020. The attack is basically a malware that infects your device, locks it, and then asks for a ransom if you want to regain control.

This is what happened to Cognizant, an American IT corporation, in early April and cost them nearly $70 million. The attacks have also been more popular with healthcare industries across Europe and the US.

AI-Enhanced cyber threats

Another crucial threat that we’re not prepared for is AI-threats. With AI praised for its unsurmountable capabilities, many cybercriminals are taking advantage of its abilities to create more powerful and complex malware.

What’s worse is that AI attacks are much faster and more challenging to detect than human hackers. They can completely take down your system in seconds and steal your data without you ever knowing!

Phishing attacks

Being one of the oldest tricks in the books, attackers have advanced their phishing techniques thanks to social engineering. They are becoming even more creative with their emails, and can even mimic company logos and symbols.

Some attackers have also created their malicious websites that embody legitimate company websites – And if you’re not careful, they’ll easily steal your data!

They are going all out, improving their techniques and the sophistication of their attacks, making it harder even for your antivirus to detect them.

5 Security tools to help secure your devices

5 Security tools to help secure your devices
Image from Pixabay.com

While your antivirus alone can’t beat most of these modern attacks, combining it with these security tools can help you stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

1. An anti-virus

Just because an antivirus alone can’t protect you against cyberattacks doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have it. In fact, it’s one of the most essential security tools you can have. An antivirus detects malware from a far-off and can block or delete it before it infects most of your files.

2. A VPN

In addition to your anti-virus, having a VPN is a good way to protect your networks from attackers. VPNs encrypt all your data traffic and route it through third-party servers. This makes it harder for the snoopers to get hold of any useful data from your traffic, especially when using unsecured wi-fi. However, do your research before choosing a VPN and only go for quality providers.

3. Vulnerability scanners

A Vulnerability scanner is another excellent tool you should have for your devices. This tool scans your device systems and networks, alerting you of the areas more susceptible to attacks. It can also assess how effective your security measures are.

4. Encryption tools

There are numerous encryption tools in the market today, some free, others premium. Getting these tools could mean the difference between you losing and saving your data. By encrypting your devices, you’ll withstand even the physical attacks if the attacker has possession of your device.

5. Password managers

When creating passwords, don’t make the mistake of using the same password on different sites. Instead, use unique passwords on every account you have. This reduces the risk of losing all your data if one of the passwords is exposed. Password managers can help you do this, and also ensure that the passwords are strong and safe!

Final thoughts

In a time when cyber threats are continually rising, the best way to stay safe is by learning how to secure your devices. Get a reliable VPN, invest in an antivirus, update your software, use encryption tools, and have a password manager. With these, you’ll be well-prepared for any attack coming your way!