ICICI Bank is the first bank in India offering banking services on Twitter.  Now you can send money to anyone in India even if the recipient does not have an ICICI Bank savings account, check account balance, view last three transactions and recharge prepaid mobile, being an ICICI Bank customer.

Way to register for ICICI Bank banking services on Twitter

  • You need to be an ICICI Bank savings account customer, has a mobile number registered with the bank and has a Twitter account
  • Follow twitter.com/ICICIBank
  • Send DM: #reg <space> <registered mobile number>
  • Receive six digit OTP on registered mobile number
  • Send DM: #regotp <space> <OTP that you received>

Ways to Transfer funds, Check balance, View Transactions and Recharge Prepaid Mobile?

  • Transfer money: A unique feature that allows the customers of ICICI Bank to send money to anyone with a savings account and a Twitter account
    • #Pay <space> @<twitter account of the recipient> <space> <Amount>
    • Upon sending the DM on Twitter, the customer will receive a SMS on her registered mobile number with a four digit redemption passcode, which she will have to share with the beneficiary. This passcode is valid for usage within three days of the creation of the request
    • The beneficiary will also receive a Tweet from the bank with the link of its website
    • To receive money, the beneficiary has to click on the link sent by the bank, which will take her to a secured page on ICICI Bank’s website. Here, the beneficiary will be required to verify her Twitter account along with providing name, account number, IFSC code of the account where she wants to receive the money and the four digit passcode received from the sender of the fund.
  • View account balance: Using this, the customer can view her savings account balance
    • #ibal – to know balance in the primary account
  • View recent transactions: This feature allows the customer to know the last three transactions of her savings bank account
    • #itran – to know last three transactions in the primary account
  • Recharge prepaid mobile: Using this, customers can recharge their prepaid mobile phone
    • #TopUp <space> <10-digit mobile no.> <space> <OperatorCode> <space> <Amount>
  • Help Service : To seek clarification on the service, customers can send a Direct Message #Help to twitter.com/ICICIBank

For any further queries follow “ICICI Bank launches banking services on Twitter“.