Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, India’s favourite online portal brings to you the Bajaj EMI Network Card. This valuable and unique card offers amazing benefits both online and offline, as you can use it instead of a credit card while shopping! Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card acts as a pre-approved loan to purchase a myriad range of products, such as electronics – including smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. to home appliances such as water purifiers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave/ovens and more. You can also purchase a number of cool things on the EMI Store such as DSLR cameras, perfumes, clothing, accessories, and even get hold of gym memberships, salon appointments, flight bookings, hotel accomodations and much more through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You name it, and we got it! You can use this card to shop online in any of the Bajaj partnered e-stores, such as Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM mall, and so on. Or you can simply walk into any of the 84k+ stores across 950+ cities in India where the Bajaj Card is accepted, and buy an insane range of products offline as well!

The beauty of the EMI Network Card is that you don’t have to do much, and with a few clicks you can simply transact money using Bajaj eWallet and make easy purchases with the best deals, discounts and offers; and the money will automatically be debited from your Bajaj Card in your customized monthly EMI payments. Bajaj customer portal, Experia, gives you awesome benefits. You can check your loan details, manage your investments, download statements, manage money transactions, keep a track of your online payments and much more on Experia. And whenever you want to check your Bajaj Card e-Statement, easy peasy, all you need to do is use your Bajaj Card Login ID to access your Bajaj Card Customer portal.

Here is how to check your Bajaj Card e-statement on Experia:

  • If you wish to login to Experia through an OTP, first enter your customer ID. email ID, or your registered mobile number. After that, select the ‘Send OTP’ button, and then the ‘Generate OTP’ button, which will then lead you to the verification process.
  • If you wish to login to Experia with a password, then start the same – by entering your customer ID, email ID or registered mobile number. Once you are done with that, select the ‘I have a password’ button. Once you are done with that, then proceed with the verification procedure and you are now logged into the customer portal!

An even easier way to check your Bajaj Card statements and enjoy all the Experia benefits is to download the Bajaj Experia app on your phone, so that you never miss an EMI payment, and can take control of all your loans, investments, and money transactions on the go! So what are you waiting for? Log into the Bajaj Experia customer portal and access all your financial details and Bajaj Card statements, just a few taps away!