All about fashion story begins with Arun and Veena experience. Here is the story –

One day Arun and Veena went to watch a movie. They saw a romantic movie. Hero and heroine’s various outfits had impressed them and they wanted to follow the style! So, they went to nearby shop as they used to visit. But, alas – they did not found any of those styled clothings as they wished to buy. One day Veena was juggling around internet search on her smartphone and got stumbled upon an article “How to wear a midi dress like a pro”. She got excited seeing the way how the articles has elaborated the style statement and told Arun to read “Trending Jeans to own”. Now, their eager to be with current fashion trends got oxygen. They can now visualize their looks as like fashion trend on the movie and tips from fashion article like the above. So, one evening they sat before their computer and followed the innovative 3D Trial Room by It was like an experience of “Try Before You Buy”. They created their 3D model as with steps shown. First they created body, then put the measurement of hip and waist size, then the model as per their look. Now, put the dress as they wished on that model and played across the 3D Trial Room. Finally they found their ideal sized outfit and came to a decision to buy dress.

all about fashion

So, this type of story could be yours! Paradigm of going to conventional clothing stores has changed with online shopping experience. Fashion trend among men and women has widened, they can now choose outfits as per their personalities and needs.

At or All About Fashion store men can fashion themself with freshest styled polo t-shirts with jeans whereas women can have ethnic wear to top & tees. Women can choose arrays of accessories bags & wallets and stoles & scarves as their add-on style, while men can choose various bags & wallets. Does Men and women missed their bottom style statement – i.e. shoes? No! Casual shoes, Formal Shoes or Sports – outdoors shoes, Sandals & heels or Flat & flip flops could not be missed from at all.

So, it is a complete fashion store that is present online for every styling clothing and accessories to be with trend. Reading fashion articles and visualizing yourself with 3D trail room is a plus for online shopper.