Every year for a particular day Bloggers around the globe raise voice for an issue of global importance. Luckily since inception of the concept I used to be part of this big day—Blog Action Day 2009. This year’s theme “Climate Change” is a serious global issue. But, how many serious people are there who ever think of this? This year around 11,300 blogs participated from 155 countries. Is this enough? I don’t think so! Only one day awareness is not enough. This need to be continuous program till we reach the destination.

Indian economy is booming . Industrialization is getting new shape, Malls are touching sky, new cars are coming out, lucrative durable goods launching day-by-day, Neon sign flashing with discounts and offers…and many more thing happening except ignorance of agriculture. Farmers are committing suicide. Around 200,000 farmers have ended their lives since 1997 due to debt and other governmental policies.

The scenario that I talked above need to be discussed and given a global importance, because it’s associated directly to eco-system balance and climate change. We can’t live in eating iron bar, we need fresh healthy vegetables. If Industrialization is given more importance than agriculture people will fear to become farmers because of the above issue.

Recently, Genetic Engineering Approval Committee approved Genetically Modified Bt Brinjal for environmental release (source: TOI).

Regarding this I have found a very kind urge on the blog post’s “8 Great Climate Change Resources for Your Blog Action Day Post” comment by Ram, columnist of Indian Reflections:

As you people wake up for the Blog Action day, the Indian Government has let the first edible GM Food by approving the Bt Brinjal (egg plant for you) against major protest across the country.

Brinjal is a humble vegetable grown by small farmers for their own consumption and for the market with seeds retained and exchanged amongst themselves.

This step will move us towards the take over of this vegetable by the industrial corporates, making it more carbon footprint intense. Do include a note to the Minister for Environment & Forestry, Government of India as part of the Blog Action Day.

I think Blog Action Day 2009 is the #BAD day for India’s poor farmers. What do you think?

So, this is my kind request to world leader to think on the above agriculture issue and raise a discussion in upcoming Copenhagen meet in December.

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