Recently I have posted a blog post, “BrandMurder coming with Big Bang Giving Away some Apples”. Now, there is another chance to grab Netbook, IPod Touch, a Flip HD and some other goodies. This time it is from TweetMeme—a service which aggregates all the popular links on Twitter .

It is rejoice time for TweetMeme, because they have added new feature, comment system in their TweetMeme platform. So, to celebrate TweetMeme organized a comments competition.

Here is all about the competition.

The best comment along with the highest number of re-tweets on a post will win this competition. The competition will continue for 7 days (Tuesday 15th September around 5pm GMT) starting from today means.

What you can win?

  1. First Place – An EEE PC Netbook, a TweetMeme Tshirt and stickers.
  2. Second Place – An IPod Touch 16gb , a TweetMeme Tshirt and stickers.
  3. Third Place – A Flip HD, a TweetMeme Tshirt and stickers.

Never forget to visit TweetMeme Comments Competition For more details, terms and conditions of this competition.