Uptime is one of the quality parameter to judge a Web Hosting service provider. Whenever we choose our hosting partner we must look at their uptime gurantee. 99.99% uptime gurantee is considerable. But, some time these gurantee fails due to some server side hardware problem. Most of the time small online stores, affiliate marketers, budding entrepreneurs, web designers, photographers, small businesses, bloggers usually choose shared hosting due to budget issues. VPS or dedicated server are costlier to afford. But, today’s small business owners are tomorrows budding big entrepreneurs. So, to solve their site’s downtime problem Redundant Web Hosting has been introduced to keep the downtime to an absolute minimum level. as per Site5:

It is targeted at businesses and consumers who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions.

DefeatDowntime is Site5’s initiative to defeat this big problem. By creating virtualized machines Redundant Web Hosting provides zero downtime for your site and minimizes all possible hardware failure.

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