Espreson’s Spark at SocialSpark is not a paid/sponsored post at all, till it’s one of "Hot Opportunity" listed by SocialSpark. Why? because it’s a voice on earth.

When I posted "A Blogger Should Be Responsible—Working For Earth", back in April 2008 in my blog, it struck in my mind that, this campaign can be included in SocialSpark’s Spark. And it worked. Blogger are taking interest in it and showing their responsibility on mother earth.

Recently got another response from a new blogger who written on "Discovering the Environment". Although he emphasizes the same green habit(usually we hear of it) which he personally follow, but green habit are always same for all.

Important question is whether we follow it or not. But, if we follow it will be beneficial for us and save lots of money. Isn’t it?

I welcome more blogger into this Spark—A Blogger Should Be Responsible—Working For Earth, who can show their initiative for the green, charming, beautiful Earth.