I spent lots of time on speeding up my wordpress based blog/site. I tweak on different parameters and measure performance. But, novice, time-poor or professional users would not be interested on tweaking, they rely on some plug-in or third party application which can do all the thing, because they don’t have time to do all the tricky job.

Why am I focusing much on Speed….?

Simple reason, to load the blog much faster. Faster loading means more user friendly. Because, people don’t want to wait and see the loading scene of your site for longer time. Take my Example: Whenever I visit a site and whenever I find the site is taking too much time to load all the content I just imply pass by. So, that might be your your story also, right?

As Dee Webb quoted on speed:

We have a lot of speed back there and a lot of talent. But through that speed and talent we’ve got to put it together and make plays. Speed helps you a lot at corner. If you’re not a sound technician, you can make up for a little of that with speed. Speed is everything right now at corner.

How to put Adrenalin on your WordPress blog/site and Speed-up up to 4x?

I will not teach you a method but, a solution. If you own a simple website or Joomla based site or WordPress based site/blog then, you can inject the so called Adrenalin—WEBO Site SpeedUp into your site/blog with few click away. No trick and tweak needed. WEBO Site SpeedUp will do rest of the thing.

Just take example of Espreson.com. After installing WEBO Site SpeedUp Espreson.com gained 300% speed boost.

How to put Adrenalin on your WordPress blog, Speed-up upto 4x? How to put Adrenalin on your WordPress blog, Speed-up upto 4x?

What the catch behind WEBO Site SpeedUp?

WEBO Site SpeedUp accelerates your site/blog by combining, minifying and compressing all your CSS’s, Javascript’s and HTML’s, cache them and do other lists of tasks and show you the result.

How to put Adrenalin on your WordPress blog, Speed-up upto 4x?
How does WEBO Site SpeedUp works

How to get WEBO Site SpeedUp?

Damn easy! If you own WordPress based site/ blog then download the WEBO Site SpeedUpplug-in, activate and choose one of option of your choice and that’s all. WEBO Site SpeedUp is also available for Joomla based site or other site.

There is a big offer for WordPress users. You can get WEBO Site SpeedUp license for FREE! Just follow the steps below,

  • Download WEBO Site SpeedUp, install and activate it.
  • Get trial license key for Premium Edition (from the product interface on the Personal Data page).
  • Tune WEBO Site SpeedUp to maximum performance for your website.
  • Make a post in your blog about your speedup achievements.
  • Send a message to free@webo.name with the subject “Speedup all year round” and with accelerated website URL and link to the blog post in the message body.
  • If there is at least 2x speedup for the website you will get WEBO Site SpeedUp Lite Edition license key for free. In the case of 4x or greater speedup you will get WEBO Site SpeedUp Premium Edition for free. Speedup is measured using webo.name service.