How To Turn Your WebCam Into Home Surveillance Camera System? This question might look odd, but this is true fact that, the answer of the above question can be solved. HomeCamera is a software designed by Webcam Security Software gives answer of your question.

Lets check out what is HomeCamera? and how does it work?

What is Home Camera?

It is an Internet based home surveillance service which provides solution for home monitoring. To use HomeCamera, you doesn’t need any extra costly equipment. If you have WebCam, then you can turn this WebCam into a home camera. HomeCamera also works with CCTV, specific network, WiFi or even Internet cameras.

How does it work?

To start using HomeCamera you need to download HomeCamera Client software at (right now the site doesn’t open). After downloading and installing the software just give your user-ID, password and name the system as desired and hit connect. Remember, you have connected your WebCam or CCTV with your PC otherwise HomeCamera Client software will not work. Now, log-in to your HomeCamera account from your PC or PDA or mobile phone and access you WebCam or CCTV from anywhere in the world.

Now, lets check out current features of HomeCamera.

  • It supports motion detection.
  • With webcam sharing feature, you can allow you family members or friends to access your cameras.
  • You can even setup to record snap-shots and videos automatically with Auto-Record Settings and save it at HomeCamera?s server to see the recordings later from your accounts ?Camera Archives?.
  • You can set up up to 4 cameras with your single PC(Windows operating system based).

As HomeCamera is in beta stage we can access the above limited features, but we can expect more in its upcoming release.

Now, you will be amazed to get to know that, HomeCamera comes at free of cost and gives you 25 mobile credits(it lets you to access your HomeCamera from you mobile device). Till it becomes commercial, you can use HomeCamera during its public beta release.

So, turn your web cam into home surveillance camera system with the help of HomeCamera.