Are you managing assisted living facility? – then you may be aware of its management procedures. But, if you have a Assisted Living software that can help you provide the best services to your residents in different angle, because this type of software is packed with a  wide range of features to manage the assisted living more up-to-date fashion as well as  helps you to keep all your facility tasks under one managed system. Its in-module system makes your assisted living business running smoothly by providing ease of use to manage staff and clients with easy access of records, schedules and more.

Just take an example of an Assisted Living software, provided by Signature Solutions named RightClick – Software. If you digg deep into this software package it provides you following features,

  • Marketing – user friendly interface to track, log activities, follow-up, and communicate with prospects, families, and referrals.
  • Clinical – easy to use interface lets customize an assessment, create work-flow, track acuity, and automate billing by points or levels.
  • Move-In/Out – manage move in/out new residents or existing residents through an intelligent step-by-step automated procedure.
  • Billing – simple and automated billing solution
  • Operations – easy to manage accounting and operational tasks with real-time operation results viewing.
  • Reports – real-time reporting to look-up operations management.
  • Accounting – search, view, analyze, enter, modify and control all accounting functionalities from across the application.
  • Payables – manage expenses, petty cash and reimbursements paperless.
  • HR – real-time employee management through Biometric time and attendance system as well as payroll processing.
  • Budgeting – manage budgeting
  • OMT – Real time occupancy, revenue and expenses can be compared to budget. Multiple drill down capabilities, pro-actively manage based upon this information.
  • Incidents – Users can log, update and track resident and employee related incidents as well as non-incidents effortlessly.

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