Do you prepare Tea properly? Here is How to Do it

Do you prepare Tea properly? Here is How to Do it

Our morning or refreshment time begins with our favorite drink i.e. Tea. You will not find anyone who doesn’t like tea at all. Today, there is a trend of sipping green tea. There are numerous benefits of having green tea in your daily habits.

Do you know? there are different types of Tea. Those are Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, etc. But, there is a big question, do we prepare tea properly?

Here is what we do to prepare Tea,

Boil water, add some sugar and milk as optional, then add tea leaves and boil it for few minutes so that some tea color comes out. The above procedure is wrong.

  • Don’t use boiling water, as it will cook the leaves, spoiling the flavor of the tea.
  • Don’t re-heat water as the oxygen content will reduce, flattening the taste.

Now, it’s time to master the art of steeping. Today variety of teas from various tea gardens are available online so you can buy tea online. It’s for the true tea lover who shows interest to sip differently.

How to prepare Black Tea

How to prepare Green Tea

How to prepare Oolong Tea:-

How to prepare White Tea:-


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