There are times when our eyes start paining or watering when we are in a perpetually lit-up area. Some of the common places where you can find such lit-up areas are corporate offices, shopping complexes, and more. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to regulate the amount of light that is getting consumed.

It is a known fact that light has an impact on health & sleep and exposure to too much light in the evening can undermine your sleep. Blue light can be detrimental to your eyes & health if the exposure is for a longer period of time. Apart from natural sources such as sun, blue light is emitted from mobile screens, laptop screens, homes, public spaces, etc.

You come across situations where your eyes pain the morning and the major reason for the pain can be attributed to the usage of mobile phones in the night. Though this practice should be avoided, you still need protection when using laptops or phones when in office. There is a simple solution to this problem. Instead of opting for normal spectacle lenses, you should choose blue cut lenses for your spectacles.

There are several reasons why blue cut lenses are a must-have even if you do not use too much mobile, TV, laptop, or any device that has a screen. As mentioned earlier, one of the natural sources of blue light is the sun and you & your loved ones would need protection when they are outdoors. This applies to kids as well and it makes sense to protect their eyes with spectacles equipped with blue cut lenses with zero number. Working professionals and senior citizens also need it as they use electronic devices on a regular basis.

Many might argue that the cornea and lens of the eyes block the UV (Ultra Violet) rays; the fact is that blue light easily passes through these barriers. If any of your dependents have undergone cataract surgery, they should choose blue cut lenses over the cloudy natural lens. Natural lenses could be a cheaper option but the eyes of the elderly in your house are more important than the extra price you shell out for the improved lenses.

The Macular is one of the important parts in the eye that controls visual activity. In simple words, Macular is the small central area in the retina of the eye. Macular degeneration or AMD or ARMD is the degeneration of Macular which can happen at an old age. Any task that requires access to fine detail cannot be performed if a person has Macular degeneration. Continuous and prolonged exposure to blue light increases the risk of Macular degeneration and the only way to prolong (or avoid it) is by using blue cut lenses as they filter the blue light reaching the light-sensitive cells in the retina.

There are numerous options from which you can select the ideal blue light lenses. Lens coating like Crizal can protect when you are outdoors. Computer glasses like Eyezen are instrumental in protecting your eyes from the blue light emitting from the device screens and can be used when you are indoors. Crizal Prevencia coating should be used for long-term eye health. The lens is instrumental in filtering harmful UV (Ultra Violet) and blue light in a selective manner.

Choosing the right lenses for the long-term health of the eyes is a perfect solution. There is one problem that any person who wears spectacles will realize, the issue is development of scratches on the glass. If the scratches are too much, it can weaken your eyesight. People tend to forget that they should use the right type of cloth to wipe the glasses. Crizal Prevencia comes with anti scratch coating since it is more scratch-resistant than most other anti-reflective coatings available in the market.

Scratching of lenses is a common problem that many using spectacles face in their day to day lives. The common reason for scratching could be using the wrong type of cloth for wiping the lens. A simple solution to avoid scratches on the glass is by using an anti scratch coating on the glass. The major advantage of anti-scratch lenses is that it provides a clear vision for a prolonged period of time and provides better durability. Needless to mention that the glass is less prone to scratches on the surface.

It is important to take care of the eyes and ensuring that they are moist. Spectacles with blue cut lenses and anti scratch coating will go a long way in protecting your eyes!

To summarize, blue light lenses when coupled with anti-scratch coating can do wonders to your eyes!