You can’t escape using the gadget named smartphone or mobile phone.

You are busy enough on WhatsApp or Facebook. Am I right?

On those you may get misleading messages and heart ? touching stories. You may have noticed read on, read more or continue type of links. So, be careful of continuing the story, which may lead you to some illegitimate website.

But, you can make some good habit to protect your device as well as money ?, today and tomorrow.

What are good mobile phone usage habits?

  • Avoid Free public WiFi
  • Verify every App before installing
  • Never share A/c details at any cost
  • Never click on pop-ups which asks for a/c information
  • Never stay sign-in in Apps. Always remember to logout
  • Install a solid antivirus and update it regularly
  • Avoid unsecure sites and don’t follow links from unknown source
  • Backup all your data and wipe out all information before discarding it
  • Lookout for unusual issues like call drops, or rapid drainage of batteries after installing a particular App. Those are the signs of malware attack
  • Never install any App other than Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you follow the good habits, it not only helps you be safe but also others too.