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  1. shish_ Congress just broke the 200 barrier #indiavotes09 less than 10 seconds ago from web
  2. narain 80-47-17-2-5 #indiavotes09, #india #elections less than 10 seconds ago from TwitterFox
  3. sid88 Anyone remember Somnath Chatterji saying “I hope you all loose this elections”? That just happened today! #indiavotes09 less than 20 seconds ago from dabr
  4. the_hindu BJD poised to return to power in Orissa #indiavotes09 less than a minute ago from web
  5. codelust Nice to see the politicos being a lot more frank and honest in their opinions. Never thought such a day would be here. #indiavotes09 less than a minute ago from Gravity
  6. ibnpolitics UPA (Win:72,Lead:182) | NDA (W:43,L:116) | 3rdF (W:15,L:54) | OTHERS (W:6,L:29) | 4thF (W:0,L:26) | #indiavotes09 less than a minute ago from web
  7. ibnlive UPA (Win:72,Lead:182) | NDA (W:43,L:116) | 3rdF (W:15,L:54) | OTHERS (W:6,L:29) | 4thF (W:0,L:26) | #indiavotes09 less than a minute ago from web
  8. Niyukti @GautamGhosh Order from Chaos is the true message of #indiavotes09 1 minute ago from TweetDeck
  9. sanatkumar At last, there is a stable government oppourtunity at the centre. I see lot of reforms taking place without the Left. #indiavotes09 1 minute ago from web
  10. DannyStatsy Election Results: Celebrations begin in Congress, gloom dooms in BJP!leading in 200 seats! WTF! #indiavotes09 1 minute ago from Twitter4J
  11. indraneelm MMS – Doctorate, Nitish – Engineer, Naveen – Post Grad,s the nation waking up to educated politicans for running the country? #indiavotes09 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  12. madanmp1 Congress candidate EVKS Elagovan trails in ERODE #indiavotes09 2 minutes ago from web
  13. tarunbansal interesting viewpoint: it is in fact sad that “Left” lost- no other party has guts to initiate a debate in the parliament #indiavotes09 2 minutes ago from web
  14. pranaydewan The ever growing Indian twitter community ! RT @purplebeats: Omg, we’re going to let #twittercrash !! we rock!! #indiavotes09 2 minutes ago from SocialScope
  15. rajtilak Alimuddin St is surrounded by a deathly silence #indiavotes09 2 minutes ago from mobile web
  16. social_connect RT @royston_olivera Singh is truely KING … the smart n intelligent man under the blue turban has proved himself once again #indiavotes09 2 minutes ago from web
  17. the100rabh RT @DeepaPrabhu: Chidambaram/Officials ordered a re-tally in a place where EVM was used? #indiavotes09 #crazy 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  18. iruleatwork RT @nixxin @vimoh A re-tally has been ordered in Sivaganga, Chidambaram’s constituency. #IndiaVotes09 3 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  19. narain P Chidambaram has a lifeline extended. Recounting in Sivaganga #indiavotes09, #india #elections 3 minutes ago from TwitterFox
  20. mbchandar #tnvotes #indiavotes09 tn strategy: are tn ppl happy with dmk? not sure. bcoz some 16 seats went to admk when compared to last LS election 3 minutes ago from TwitterFox


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