Pollution has devastated our Earth’s natural balance. Animals are dying or getting killed, Trees are abundant, Plastic pollution rising, Food & water getting contaminated with pollutants, Rivers are turning into waterless, and so on.

Earth’s natural balance

Abundance of trees are not only the cause of Water crisis, but also the root cause of the rising the level of endangered animals. Just look at the below map by World Economic Forum.

As the map highlights, Asian and South American countries have the highest numbers of endangered animals, with India, Brazil and Australia all featuring in the global top 10.

As by 26 Nov 2015 post by World Economic Forum

Rally for Rivers

Amidst this crisis, “Cauvery Calling” by Isha Outreach is a noble initiative to plant trees. Sadhguru is driving for “Rally for Rivers” of more than 9300 kms through 16 states to raise awareness about the dire situation of dying rivers. Today it’s supported by over 162 million people, and is the world’s largest ecological movement today.

Cauvery is Drying up

Cauvery or Kaveri has lost 40% of its flow and is under threat of dying. What is the root cause — massive disappearance of trees. As per reports 87% of the basin’s original tree cover has been lost and as an effect people around the basin facing critical groundwater depletion and farmers are suffering. Pain lists are as,

  • 47,190 farmer suicides in 15 years in Cauvery basin
  • 83% of farmers in Tamil Nadu and 77% of farmers in Karnataka are in debt
  • 17 districts in Tamil Nadu were drought-hit in 2019
  • 15 of the last 18 years have been drought years in Karnataka

Save Kaveri save rivers

water crisis kaveri calling

Rs. 42 per tree a noble donation can be God’s grace, because it’s our mother earth who is facing challenges to survive. If there is no tree then there is no rain, no rain no river, no river no water, no water then how long you may survive in thirsty?

This is not a protest. This is not an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water must Rally For Rivers


So this is a call from Espreson Media a fundraiser of “Cauvery Calling”, to come along and donate a tree for the sake of Earth our Mother.