I got newsletter updates from Greg Johnson of Bust A Theme, that caught my attention from very beginning of the heading line “Bust A Theme has posted a new item, ‘WP SLIDER WordPress Theme’ ”.

In my opinion: regarding design, functionality, accessibility, WP SLIDER is much ahead of WP Coda & Coda Blue.wp-slider

As per Greg Johnson’s quote,

WP CODA and CODA BLUE have been amazing successes, but they aren’t without their flaws. They’re very limited in the type of content they can display and how they can display it, they have trouble displaying specific types of content properly, things tend to “break” easily with them and you need to understand a little coding to customize them.

It’s always true fact that, recent development or release of any developer is always best than previous release. Because, we learn a lot from pitfalls.

By the way, the theme WP SLIDER doesn’t come free of cost. It will cost you $47. So, if you are upgrading or looking for a high quality theme then, the WP SLIDER WordPress Theme can be your first choice.