The most speedy tagline “The new Firefox Fast for good”, is worth a lot. We have tested it, used it and verdict it as “Really Faster“. Mozilla claims New Firefox is 2x Faster, uses 30% less memory than Chrome and providing uncompromising Private Browsing with Tracking Protection.

What’s new in Firefox Quantum?

The new Firefox Quantum is built on new browser engine. It runs much faster i.e. 2x than previous version. Frankly speaking, New Firefox Quantum gives you faster browsing experiencing compared to chrome.

Lighter than Chrome:

It uses 30% less RAM than Chrome. So, your PC is 30% more happier. Look-up the below memory usage chart of different browsers.

Firefox Quantum is super fast, while still conserving memory

-by firefox
Browser Memory Usage Chart

Faster Smooth Browsing Experience

The new Quantum’s user interface is uncluttered and tab browsing is much intuitive than Chrome. Thanks to its responsive engine.

Tough Security with 44% Faster page loading:

In this matter, Mozilla has done the best job. Private Browsing and Tracking Protection has been revamped than previous versions. Firefox claims, by enabling the private browsing it blocks some ads and scripts that slow down page loading vis-a-vis it makes page loading up to 44% faster. you will enjoy much-more-faster browsing experience. In this regard you need not any third party add-on like Ad-Block or something.

Head-to-Head comparison

So, whats next? Just experience it and never forget to share your thoughts over here!