12Dec12 is not at all lucky?

Most of the time below figure calculate total of 3 and that is odd which might be unlucky for some reasons and it’s a personal belief.

  • Because 12-12-12 sums total = 3-3-3 = 9 (odd number) and
  • But, 12-12-2012 sums total = 3-3-5 = 11 = 2 (even).
  • Another 12Dec12 is Wednesday and that is third day of the week which is another odd number. That is 12-12-12-03 = 3-3-3-3 = 12 = 3 (odd).
  • DECEMBER = 45-35-13-25-18 (sums) =  9-8-4-7-9 = 37 = 10 = 1 (odd). So, 12December12 = 3+1+3 = 7 (odd).

Unlucky Thinking:

  • The Rule of Three is an American superstition in which celebrity deaths tend to occur in threes.
  • Luck, especially bad luck, is often said to “come in threes”.

source from: Wikipedid

Is 12Dec12lucky according to 12-12-12 = 3-3-3?


  • Earth is the third planet in its local Solar System.
  • Genetic information is encoded in DNA and RNA using a triplet codon system.
  • Atoms consist of three constituents: protons, neutrons, and electrons.
  • Humans perceive white light as the mixture of the three additive primary hues: red, green, and blue.
  • Three is considered a good number in Chinese culture because it sounds like the word “alive”.
  • The “Om” symbol, in Devanagari (??m [õ??m]), where dirgha, “three times as long”.
  • According to the prophet Muhammad, there are three holy cities of Islam (to which pilgrimage should be made): Mecca, Medina, andJerusalem.
  • The three members of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

source: Wikipedid

Whether 12dec12 is lucky or unlucky — is just justifies every persons personal belief and thought. It is just a number as like 1 or 2 that’s all I belief.

So, what’s your belief?