BLDC motor powered Energy Efficient Fan vs Old Induction motor fan

Energy conservation is the way to save money as well as electricity that ultimately saves our earth too. It’s becoming a trend of switching to energy efficient appliances.

In major part of India, where longest season is summer so consumtion of electricity is much higher during this season. And requirement of fan in every household is essential, although AC’s are there but, it’s power consumtion is much higher. So, having fan’s in every rooms are highly appreciated compared to AC’s due to it’s low power consumtion. But, do you know your fan which runs on induction motors still consumes 75-80 wattage of power?

What is Energy efficient Fan?

Simply, a fan that runs on energy efficient motors that consumes less power. Innovation of BLDC motor technology has dropped the power consumption. Considering BLDC motor-powered Atomberg fans (Check price on Amazon ) consumes 28W of energy is one of energy efficient fan in india.

Why BLDC motor powered Atomberg fans (Check price on Amazon)?

BLDC motor-powered Fan Outdated induction motor Fan
Consumes only 28W of energyConsumes 75-80W of energy
Noiseless operationHumming noise
No heating that ensures longer motor lifeEnormous heating losses
Intelligent electronics & AtomSENSE algorithmFailures in bearing and copper windings
Smart Remote controlDependency on external capacitor and regulator
Consistent output even with fluctuating input voltageNon-consistent output
Runs 3 times longer on an inverter batteryNo compatibility with IoT(alexa, google home): plain mechanical devices

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