Espreson is running a Spark on SocialSpark, "A Blogger Should Be Responsible! On Earth". SocialSpark blogger are really becoming responsible over the Global Warming issue, by showing their interest and taking initiatives.

Here another blogger from mei[at]knits,bakes&think has shown interest on it and shared some green tips for all of us. So, here are the tips,

  • Shop fair trade (fair trade: trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers; often with other social and environmental considerations).
  • Shop seasonal (stay with regionally grown fruits & vegetables which not only helps the farmers around the region or country, but also cuts the overall transportation cost, CO2 emission at the time of transportation, etc.).
  • Use a bag (whenever you go out for shopping try to carry your own bags; this will reduce our garbage bin and pollution also)
  • Recycle (try to stay with recyclable goods)
  • Less use of car (try to minimize use of cars instead use your own legs; legs doesn’t emits any type of Green House gases 🙂 and also walking is all-time good for heath)

In my opinion "tips are not useful until it has been fully utilized". If you care for Mother Earth try to use this type of green tips.