is a green living conscious blog. Recently going across one of its post, “Living local: what does it really mean?”. Here author has delightfully written about how a person can live local. The author say about their local living as,

Our family doesn’t just buy local and or organic food or locally made goods because we want to save the planet, but because when we buy local we feel connected to our community. We feel part of a larger plan and we like it that way.

The author has focused on staying with Local food, using Natural Toys for kids, use of compost bin for Composting, Walking to the store (vehicle will create pollution) for buying something; this will be exercise also, use Reusable Bags.

So, this are the ways we can live local, but recent article in the NY Times and the Guardian (UK), purporting that locally grown foods are often worse, or at the least no better, for the environment than ones flown in from places like Kenya.

Maybe! But why it’s worse. We should make it better, that’s also our responsibility, isn’t it?