A blogger is a human being and we belong to Earth-a place surrounded by beautiful flowers, rivers, mountains, seas, animals, insects, etc.

But, how much are we responsible for our mother earth and its belongings? Do we take any green initiative to curb Global Warming? Do we take initiative for innocent animals? or do we ever blog for Earth?

There are lots of question regarding this, but answer may be less or more. What do you think, should we make voice?

Definitely Yes!

But, How?

Last year on October 15, 2007 BlogActionDay had taken that initiative. Where 20, 603 blog participated through 23,327 blog posts and made one voice—SAVE ENVIRONMENT!

And this initiative will be back soon this year also.

But, working for Earth(curbing Global Warming, saving animals, curb pollution) initiative should be carried out day by day.

One day activity is not enough—I think personally.

In different way we have to be responsible.CONNECT2EARTH

Recently I have gone across one initiative taken by WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature and IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. It’s CONNECT2EARTH.

CONNECT2EARTH is providing a space to all to tell others about your responsibility towardsIUCN World Conservation Congress mother earth. Not only that, CONNECT2EARTH is also providing opportunity to sound your voice over environmental issues at The IUCN World Conservation Congress, Barcelona from 5 to 14 October 2008.

Get info on this at here.

So, what are the other ways of showing your responsibility towards mother earth?

This topic should and must have to continued by me, because I’m responsible.

So, get hooked with me for next topic on, “A Blogger Should Be Responsible—Working For Earth”.