So, it’s the great day – 15th October, 2007.

As Espreson is part of Blog Action Day, a memorable day for all blogger because, those who are involved in Blog Action Day will shout one voice, and that is Environment, and Espreson must shout on Environment.

How Espreson is helping Environment? So, I will talk about some good habits which can save energy and thus it will help Environment.

We blogger use Desktop Computer or Laptop to write post, gather knowledge by browsing over net, make money, etc. But, do we maintain schedule of writing post, browsing net?, and what is the benefit maintaining schedule? Someone may answer Yes!, but most of the answer will come No! We might say, “whenever I got time I work on my blogging”. But, if we maintain schedule we will be benefited as well as our Environment also. How? Take my example. Whenever I blog, I prefer “morning or day-time” as the best time, because at morning we don’t need to switch on “light”. I open all the windows of my room, so that enough sunlight comes into my room and that is the best way of saving energy. This is how I spend most of my blogging work in morning or day.

Next habit I follow is whenever I write post for my blog I do it offline. I use Windows Live Writer as blog editor to write post and that doesn’t require to switch on my modem and connect Internet. So, some energy saved this way.

Next habit I follow is whenever I go for some refreshment or break I save my work and switch off my computer, UPS, etc. to save energy.

So, this are the habit I follow when I work on my blog. By the way, what habit do you follow?

As I’m going through Blog Action Day‘s The Action Blog, there was post called, The 11th Hour and on that post there was one video from 11THHOURACTION.COM which I want put here, because it delivers message to take action on Environment. Here it is.

So, friend take action. Help save our beautiful planet.

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