Being active member of 9rules, recently I have posted one note there called, Does WordPress Bloggers Should Adopt Free WordPress Theme or Paid Customized Theme?

In this regard I am looking for a customized theme for my blog Espreson. Why?

This “Why?” could arise in your mind also.

Let me clear. A customized theme for your blog has different benefits like,

  • When you have your own blog theme and nobody is using that theme, you took pride on it. I mean, self-identity
  • As it’s customized, you have better ROI in sense of advertisement placement and sale lead generation from your advertisements
  • You get more repeated visitors, because your blog content is properly organized and ScreenShot003managed
  • And lastly, it’s customized

Now, if you just look at WP Remix a WordPress powered theme demo you will get to know what I want to say about the benefits of a customized paid theme. WP Remix theme is a highly customizable, great looking theme with lots of options.

Now, the question is affordability. Although most of the paid themes are costlier, but some are not. In this matter you need to do some research work of finding theme designer for your WordPress blog.

In this regard I have collected some resource on it and will post soon. So be connected with Espreson.