In my previous post, Does WordPress Bloggers Should Adopt Free WordPress Theme or Paid Customized Theme?“, I have promised to give you some resource of premium WordPress theme. But, before that I want to include one view which I found in my 9rules note regarding, Should WordPress Bloggers Pay For A Custom Theme Or Go With A Free One? and it’s given by 9rules member jstamant. Here it is.

I would agree that there are a several advantages to a theme that is built around your blog’s needs. Additionally, I would argue that purchasing a theme helps to drive development for coding WordPress themes.

Subsequently, we have to admit to ourselves that there are a lot of really, really bad free themes out there which (and it pains me to say this) people use for their blogs. Whether they are too web 1.0 looking or cliche web 2.0 looking free themes. bad free themes can deter traffic.

However, with that out of the way, it is important to keep in mind that it is the content which makes the blog, not the look. Lets face it, many avid readers don’t ever leave their RSS Feed apps so looks are immediately secondary in this since. Of course the first impression someone may get from your blog will be actually visiting the site and people will equate impressive designs with serious content. This is an unfortunate pitfall of blogging.

Therefor, in summation, I would recommend that people pay less attention to their blogs overall look by paying less for it. Bloggers should go out and find themselves a clean, simple and free design which follows the KISS model (Keep It Simple Stupid) of design. After that, they should wow their readers with the content, not the appearance.

Great topic! I never really thought about this before now.

So, it’s upto you whether you go for Premium WordPress Theme or not. If your purpose and need is to go for blog business then you need your own unique identity.

By the way here is some list of premium themes:

  • Premium News WordPress Theme by Adii
  • Premium WordPress Themes by Cory Miller
  • WP Remix by R.Bhavesh
  • N.Design Studio
  • My 53 Top Blog Designs of 2007 will give some resource
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