The beautiful date figure started long back with 010101 – 020202- 030303 – 040404 – 050505 – 060606 – 070707 – 080808 – 090909 – 101010 – 111111 and stopped at 121212.

121212 is the last significant beautiful date in human history. People round the globe will try to tag their memorable moments on that date.

Great Online Shopping Festival on 121212 in IndiaGoogle, the tech giant has came with innovative initiative “Great Online Shopping Festival — or in short GOSF”  by teaming-up together India’s online stores and launched a catalogue of stores with their respective various offerings & deals for that significant day.

Great Online Shopping Festival on 121212 in India

If you worry to shop online then Google has taken a step to make you convince by attaching a 10 Tips — “10 simple points below to discover a world of shopping like no other. Get rid of all your worries, learn the tricks of the trade and start shopping!”