Being utmost fan of WooThemes, I got to know about its new wordpress theme release. The theme is Groovy Video, a video gallery theme. Groovy Video is a second theme after WooTube released under Multimedia category.

If I go for comparison, both of the theme delivers you at most same functionality as well as capability to showcase your video blogging. Just view the comparison table at a glance.


Groovy Video Features
WooTube Features
WooTube Features

But, visual aesthetics of Groovy Video is much ahead of WooTube. Basically WooTube is a simplistic approach.

What do you think?

From designer point of view I think, “Groovy Video WordPress theme is Going ahead of WooTube”. But, it’s always agreeable new release always look better than previous one. So, next WordPress theme from WooThemes will come with more functionality and catching visual aesthetics.