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Mandela Day Quiz Answer & Win Rs 15000

Mandela Day Quiz or #MandelaDayWithAmazon is live! Answer the questions and stand a chance to win Rs. 15000 as pay balance Winners will be announced 31st July 2020. The first question of Mandela Day Quiz is, “Nelson Mandela day was instituted by the United Nations in 2018, to celebrate _____ years since Mandela was born.”

What is a Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quizzes are fun to answer and stand a chance to win gifts as Pay balance, Goodies, and other prizes.

How do I get into Amazon Quiz?

Download the Amazon App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Click and go to Funzone. Bookmark(ctrl+d in desktop/laptop) this page for visit daily and collect the right answers of Amazon Quizzes or Riddles contest.

How to play Amazon Quiz?

  1. Sign in to the Amazon App.
  2. There will be a total of 4 to 6 questions. Answer all 4 to 6 questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.
  3. Getting any question incorrect makes you ineligible for the lucky draw.

Mandela Day Quiz questions and answers

  1. Nelson Mandela day was instituted by the United Nations in 2018, to celebrate _____ years since Mandela was born.


  2. Due to his warm-hearted personality, people started referring to Mandela by what nickname or clan name meaning 'father'?


  3. Which of these awards did the Indian government bestow upon Nelson Mandela in 1990?

    Bharat Ratna

  4. Finish this quote by Mandela: 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use ________'?

    To change the World

  5. What was the name of the autobiography of Nelson Mandela published in 1994?

    Long Walk to Freedom

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amazon quiz question answer

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