World Emoji Day Quiz or #EmojiWithAmazon is live! Answer the questions and stand a chance to win Rs. 10000 as pay balance Winners will be announced 31st July 2020. So take part this #EmojiWithAmazon quiz and win.

What is a Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quizzes are fun to answer and stand a chance to win gifts as Pay balance, Goodies, and other prizes.

How do I get into Amazon Quiz?

Download the Amazon App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Click and go to Funzone. Bookmark(ctrl+d in desktop/laptop) this page for visit daily and collect the right answers of Amazon Quizzes or Riddles contest.

How to play Amazon Quiz?

  1. Sign in to the Amazon App.
  2. There will be a total of 4 to 6 questions. Answer all 4 to 6 questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.
  3. Getting any question incorrect makes you ineligible for the lucky draw.

World Emoji Day Quiz questions and answers

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  1.  Jeremy Burge, the creator of World Emoji Day, founded which of these websites in 2013?


  2. Released way back in 1997, which was the first phone known to contain a set of emojis as part of its typeface?


  3.  Which famous museum hosts the original 176 emojis as a part of their permanent collection since 2016?

    New York Museum of Modern Art

  4. Which of these emojis was named the 2015 Oxford Word of the Year?

    Face with tears of joy

  5. The 2017 film ‘The Emoji Movie’ is set in which fictional town?