Paribartan: Social Media Break for TMC Supremo Mamata Bannerjee

13th February a memorable day for West Bengal’s History. TMC Supremo Mamata Bannerjee enlightened the milestone of “Paribartan”(change). This is a legendary victory of Trinamool Congress, which Bengal people will never forget. They just wiped off 34 years CPM(communist party) rule from West Bengal.

Celebration of “Paribartan” is sounding its noise not only all over West Bengal but our popular social media junction Twitter is counting tweets with TMC, Mamata Banerjee, and #bengal.

Top tweet such as from Quiz Master—Derek O’Brien is so prominent and charming:

Twitter - @Derek O'Brien
Twitter - @Derek O'Brien

While India’s première news channel, Star News is saluting Mamata Bannerjee’s victory:

Twitter @Star News At this happy moment
Twitter - @Star News

In the mean TMC Supremo Mamata Bannerjee (Minister of Railways) spoke out on twitter and thanked for congratulating her:

Twitter @Mamata Banerjee Thank you so much
Twitter - @Mamata Banerjee
mamta banerjee trinamool congress
Mamta Banerjee

“Paribartan” is inevitable every time and every where. We will expect and have desire to see cleaner and greener society from our CM, Mamata Bannerjee.

A heartiest congratulation to her as CM and her struggle for “Maa, Maati, Manush”.

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