In my last post I have talked about, how mGinger helping Indian mobile user to turn SMS ads as a money maker. Evolution of Blog and using it as an advertisement media is now reality. In this scenario PayPerPost has merged advertiser and blogger into a single platform. Where advertiser exposes their products or services through PPP’s blogger network and in turn blogger make money blogging.

Recently PayPerPost has upgraded into a new version, Beta 3.3648 with more features. Among those features PPP Direct is the biggest hit. Lets discuss how this new feature of PayPerPost; PPP Direct lets you to make more money out of your blogging.

With PPP Direct you reach out to advertiser directly and it is not necessary that, advertiser need not to be part of PayPerPost network.

Then an question arises, what is the benefit of PPP Direct?

Normally PayPerPost charges 35% in its self service model, but in PPP Direct, markup money is only 10%. That means, you make 74% in PPP’s self service model and 91% in PPP Direct. PPP charges this 10% as a service fee, which covers PayPal and Credit Card processing charges.

So, to get started you need to be PayPerPost “postie” and then only you can add the appropriate HTML snipet in your blog template. When an advertiser comes to your blog; becomes interested and creates an opportunity for you by clicking on the snipet image; you will get an email with opportunity details and offer amount that you have set for your blog. If you are interested, then you can negotiate terms with the advertisers for the best deal.

Apart from PPP Direct, PayPerPost also upgraded their system by adding Bans and Benches, removed Technorati rankings, new look in opportunity section etc.

So, lets see what happens in their next version.

PayPerPost Launched PPP Direct