[popeye]Just take a look last glimpse of MyBlogLog. This time it’s not a rumour. But there was a rumour once in December 2009, when Chris Yeh head of Yahoo! Developer Network confessed that,

Yesterday, rumors surfaced around Yahoo!’s imminent shutdown of its MyBlogLog service. Frankly, it’s no secret within Yahoo! that we’re actively discussing the future of MyBlogLog. However, it’s also true that we have not made any final decisions at this point. Is a shutdown on the table? Sure, that’s an option. But there are other options as well. We know this creates some uncertainty for current MyBlogLog users. While we aren’t quite ready to share more details, we promise to keep you posted.

Chris Yeh, Head of YDN

On May 24, 2011 With over 450,000 blog communities and roughly 645,000 members of MyBlogLog are not going to rejoice at all. Because, Yahoo! will officially discontinue MyBlogLog service effective May 24, 2011.

Those who are community member of MyBlogLog has already got the notification as I got today. Here is the draft.


Yahoo! going to Shutdown MyBlogLog the end of a Blogging Community
Yahoo! MyBlogLog Shutdown Notification

MyBlogLog journey started in January 2005, with a goal to give a social network for Blogger, but later it was acquired by Yahoo! in January, 2007. This long journey is going to end. We can say it is a death of a strong social network. So, what we can guess from this shutdown of such a valuable property of Yahoo? Is it a new beginning or end of social network. For Yahoo! it’s a new beginning, because Yahoo! is recommending MyBlogLog member to move into Yahoo! Pulse, where you can see your social updates from your favorite networks in one place.