Adsense is our favorite monetization publisher program for website or blog. Basically Adsense works on mechanism of contextual ad delivery system. It scans keywords of your site/ blog and shows ad and pays you CPC and CPM basis. If your site generates well enough traffic per day or month then flow of income from Adsense is considerable otherwise you have to till your site generates $100.

Today relying on only Adsense will not fetch good amount of money. You need to think beyond it. As you have seen that every tech biggies has their own advertising program. They charge money for different ad units on different pages. It’s always a better idea to control your own in-house advertising program. OIOpublisher is such a kind of ad manager that gives you total freedom to control your ad space.

It’s always a best option to keep margin money in your own pocket rather giving away to some Ad house.

  • So, we can put OIOpublisher as one of the way of Adsense replacement.

CPC(cost per click) & CPM(cost per thousand impression) based Income Stream:-

Next, if we want to think beyond Adsense then Newly launched Branchr can ease your need of Pay Per Click advertising. Branchr is a much shouted well-paying simple text as well as image based PPC advertising program.

  • So, we got another Adsense replacement for CPC based earning i.e. Branchr.

But, if you want to monetize your site/ blog via CPM (cost per thousand impression) earning, then? Don’t worry! Branchr has good solution and i.e. CPMforest—allows you to place contextually targeted and relevant ads on your site, and be paid on CPM basis.

  • It’s a big bonanza, we got both of the CPM and CPC solution from the same network.

Isn’t Branchr a complete replacement of your favourite Adsense—what do you think?

When we are talking about CPC and CPM based money-making program then I should include another new entrant in this field and i.e. Smowtion Media. Smowtion Media is a monetization program for publisher and blogger, fully compatible with Adsense. That means it adds another stream of income flow for your blog/site.

  • Get an extra income through your website via Smowtion Media.

Affiliate link based Income Stream:-

Making money through affiliate sales is my favorite choice above CPC/CPM. It pays lump sump money in one shot. Generally affiliate earns you revenue share and it is sometime bigger than imaginable. In this regard just example of Smowtion Media. Smowtion Media pays 80% revenue share(ad impression generated on their site/blog) to my referred member(through my affiliate link sign-up) instead of 60% of their regular revenue share. So, it’s both welcoming for me and my referred friend. Both smiles bigger 🙂

So, how to monetize your blog content through Affiliate link by cleverer way ?

We usually apply to different affiliate network, put affiliate link to products/services in our site/blog content and if any sale take place we get commission. It’s a tiresome and hesitating way to manage different affiliate networks. Just look at this following scenario:

  • Create content with links to products and services as normal,
  • Visitors to your site click on a merchant’s link,
  • You earn a commission if the visitor makes a purchase.

Think Fresh: Bucket of NEW Clever Ways for Blogger to Monetize

Now, how to accomplish the above task.

  1. with VigLink. (look at this video)
  2. and Skimlinks. (look at this video)

VigLink and Skimlinks both simplifies affiliate marketing and helps you make money in easiest way you never though before.

So, is that enough or shall I continue to provide more ways to your monetize blog…???