New Plesk Onyx comes with framework ready environment, multi-server management and ready support for Docker,Github, Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby and others.

According to IDG’s 2015 Enterprise cloud computing survey, “Enterprises are predicting an average investment of $2.87M in cloud computing technologies in 2016.”

More and more web professionals, IT admins, and organizations are finding cloud as a solution to all their IT problems. But with increased dependency on the cloud, they also want support from their cloud service providers in order to manage these cloud services.

What they look for is a robust solution that is able to manage their websites and applications with ease. In short, a solution that will not only be beneficial for the end users, but also for the sellers of web and reseller hosting. Coming straight to the point, what we are talking about here is “Plesk Control.”

What is Plesk?

Plesk is a web-server management tool used to simplify website management, application hosting, server management and much more. It includes web based interfaces for managing domain names, web apps, file management, email accounts, databases and infrastructure, to name a few.

What makes it an ideal choice for those who host applications, websites, customers, developers and IT administrators, is its ease of use and flexibility. What makes it different from its competitors is its interoperability. Plesk is available for both Windows based servers and Linux based operating systems.

  • Plesk helps in building web apps with its ready to use code environment.
  • Plesk automation power manages your complete infrastructure, server and components related tasks, thus saving you a lot of time.
  • It provides complete security to your website and applications, something that is always amiss.
  • It supports a multitude of servers and accounts. Thus, helping resellers to easily distribute bandwidth, space, and file permissions using same login panel they use to manage their own website’s files and databases.

But as we say, a good system is one that keeps on upgrading itself as it is a proof of its evolution with the changing times. The new Plesk Onyx is a step ahead of its past versions. Let’s see how:

Plesk Onyx vs Plesk 12.5: a gateway to new opportunities.

Plesk Onyx new and updated features aim at providing maximum support to the web developers. The needs of a modern web developer are a bit advanced as compared to his traditional counterparts.

Plesk 12.5 had some features that have been dropped from Onyx, they are:

  • Support for Windows 2008(not for R2)
  • Miva support.
  • Support for SmarterMail 6.x-9.x.
  • NET 1.1 support.
  • Support for Perl-apache-asp (Linux).
  • IE 9 and 10 support.
  • Support for Cent0S 5/ RHEL5/ CloudLinux 5.
  • Shared SSL support on Windows.
  • Has removed CBM from Plesk distribution.
  • Has removed SSH term from Plesk.

The new Plesk Onyx is full of new and advanced features, making it different from its last version 12.5. In order to understand the differences between Plesk 12.5 and Plesk Onyx, let’s have a quick look at the major features of both the versions.

Plesk 12.5 features:

Plesk 12.5 is specifically delivered in four editions; each is optimized for particular needs.

  • Web Admin: This is useful for those who manage sites for any employer, enterprises or for themselves. They deal with simple website and domain management.
  • Web App: Useful for app developers who are into building and deployment of web applications.
  • Web Pro: It is for core web professionals who design, develop and deploy their websites.
  • Web Host: it provides platform to the shared hosting providers to allow their users to use their account in any configuration they want. They need simple WordPress management tool to support their multi-tenant environment.

Plesk Onyx features

  1. Docker Support

The efficient way to build, run and deploy apps easily. With Plesk Onyx:

  • Management of local and remote Docker becomes easy.
  • You can run a container through images that are available on Docker hub.
  • You can easily manage the container settings.
  • Flexibility to build own images.
  1. Git deployment

 With Plesk, you can easily manage the Git repositories with automatic installation of websites to any public directory. Thus, you can use Git for basic publishing and updates.

Plesk Onyx support for Git includes:

Plesk Onyx support for Git

  • Easy deployment of website content, either by pushing to a local Git repository or by pulling from any remote one.
  • Software support from GitHub, BitBucket, Travis etc.
  • Supports both manual and automatic deployment, as per user convenience.
  • Creation of multiple branches in a single repository.
  1. Tools for System Update

Through Plesk, you can manage all your system updates at one place whether it is system packages, third party or panel updates. Its system update tools are built to:

  • Block auto updation of particular panel packages.
  • Help you update manually selected panel packages.
  • Support auto-updation of packages.
  • Predict updates of packages from repos, from where they were actually installed from.
  1. Linux Cgroups limit

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  1. SSL improvements

With new improvements in its SSL certification, Plesk Onyx:

  • Manages SSL certificate for Mail services with one SSL certificate to every mail service. (POP3s, SMTPs, IMAPs).
  • “Let’s encrypt” security for every Plesk SSL cert or created domains.
  • Secures webmail with https and a valid SSL certificate.
  • Manages SSL/TLS ciphers and protocols.
  1. DNSSec Support

Plesk Onyx DNSSec support provides:

  • Sign, Re-sign or Unsign DNS zone.
  • Authentication chain verification for signed domain.
  • Automatic renew of expired keys for a domain and also for re-sign DNS zone. User is notified on the updation of KSK keys.
  • Functionality of server-wide management of the DNSSec- user can turn on/off the entire servers, keys generation management algorithms and management of key length.
  • Automatic parent domain zone updation if hosted on the same Plesk instance.
  1. Plesk Extensions SDK

Plesk Onyx’s new features for SDK include:

  • Options to add limits to service plan/subscription or set permissions.
  • Ability to add pre-schedule tasks like Windows scheduler or Linux cron-job.
  • Command line executions for both privileged and unprivileged tasks.
  • Backward compatibility for old extensions.
  1. Ruby Support

Plesk Onyx’s Ruby support includes:

  • Support for different Ruby versions with ability to define all environment variables.
  • Scan and detection of Ruby on Rails for app deployed in domain. User can deploy a new app, and restart app from the panel.
  • Nginx+ passenger assistance.
  1. Python support

Plesk Onyx’s Python support includes:

  • Easy delivery of packages with availability of latest versions of 2.x/3.x Python branches, virtualenv utilities and pip.
  • Python support management control with ability to activate/ disable, choose your python version, passenger etc.
  • CLI/UI/API support.
  • Nginx + passenger.
  1. Integrated WordPress toolkit

With over 75 million websites deployed over WordPress app, managing its interface may be difficult, but not with Plesk Onyx, as its WordPress support includes:

  • One-click hardening of WordPress
  • Multiple WordPress themes and plug-ins for mass management.
  • Ability to self-repair.
  • Security scanning

How Plesk Onyx can help you?

Plesk Onyx acts as a perfect solution for different services. Let’s see them in detail:

  1. Shared hosting
  • It can help in transitioning the legacy systems through its specialized, target based platform.
  • It helps in creating sophisticated and scalable software that may be otherwise cumbersome for getting developed by the in-house development team.
  • It supports multiple browsers and offers mobile apps as well.
  • It reduces your time to market and helps you save costs through its pre-built ready to use packages.
  1. Infrastructure providers
  • It helps them to focus on their target market through different interface templates and a scalable ready-to-code environment.
  • With focus on the target market, the cloud and infrastructure providers can ensure good revenue for their services.
  • It is easy to install over an auto-installer, and can also be templated for user’s own custom deployment needs.
  • It offers solutions to up-sell and cross-sell to your server customers.
  1. WordPress Management
  • Top notch security of WordPress with one-click hardening using scanner interface allows you to rest assured.
  • Automatic installation and management of WordPress from one central point.
  • Saves time by allowing you to add or remove plug-ins and themes easily.
  • Ready to use services and packages saves your time and efforts and reduces your time to market.
  1. Web Developers
  • Preset codes allow the web developers to focus on their core competencies.
  • With WebOps, Plesk Onyx shifts focus on developers to fulfill their specialized needs.
  • Through WebOps, complete lifecycle of application development is handled from installation to security of services.
  • Using Plesk can save you a lot of time, and improve the profitability of your development business.

How to avail Plesk Onyx?

ZNetLive with its wide range of cloud and hosting solutions, has always tried to provide its customers with the latest and constructive technologies. They make your business processes easier by offering services on the new and latest technologies like Plesk Onyx.

As a trusted Plesk provider, you get to choose your perfect plan based upon your needs. So whether you are the end customer or a service provider, they have a plan for you. Their Plesk Onyx plans include:

Plesk Onyx plans

Web Pro edition is for web professionals and digital agencies whose primary aim is to manage and host customer sites. With WordPress toolkit and developer pack, users can easily manage their subscription and account management.

Web Host edition plans are for service providers who are into hosting and reselling of unmanaged shared accounts. Through Plesk Onyx Web Host edition,they can manage domains, subscriptions, reseller accounts along with WordPress tool kit and developer pack.

By making use of technologies like Plesk Onyx, you can make your hosting and website management simple and earn better revenues.